EOTD; Brief tutorial.

Just a quickie today guys. [Apologies for the greasy skin and huge nose!]
I seem to have neglected my Urban Decay Alice in Wonderland palette lately so I was having a mess around one morning and came up with this.
Don't worry though, I made sure the shades were available to buy seperatly before posting so fear not if you missed the palette!!
I'm not one to use fancy brushes and it's a good job since I'm a student and cannot afford the glory of Sigma brushes! For this I used the same brush all the way through which is the small front cover brushes I obtained in my 'Rainbow eyes' Palette. I usually use my Bodyshop brushes but I found using the smaller brush was easier for the bat winged effect.

For the bat wing I used 'Jabberwocky' which is perversion for anyone without the palette. I didn't use alot as the colour is highly pigmented. I used the smaller side of my front cover brush to blend the colour out into a flick. I made the perversion meet with the electric blue of 'Alice' [Painkiller - similar to Peace]. I started with Alice in my highlight zone but bought it across to cover the eye. It fel like too much of a harsh contrast between the blue and black so to help the blend I used 'Radium' from the Urban Decay UD hearts NYC box of shadows III. I focused this on the crease and dragged it through into the Alice.

Also underneath is 'Flipside' 24/7 eyeliner. After this pic was taken I blended it through a little better to the perversion.

Hope you enjoy! Let me know if any of you bon bons try this one out!

Love J.