Street Style: Mad Monday

I <3 LDN ; try some amazing earrings to spice up an outfit- uneven and so cool.

Who says that male jewellary cannot be worn by us girlies?
- headphone necklace: Topman £10
-private necklace: Topman £5

A casual hoody from Hollister can look feminine with some pearls and BIG hair.

Oh Primark, why tempt us?
£1.50 double breasted ring- so LOVEly.

Amy, Amy, Amy... Where can I get your look?
... CHINA!
Add some Chanel shoes and all is fabulous.

Zara top, denim jacket, cute dollies, pastel shade bag- casual is so marvelous.

The most feminine pair of army inspired boots in the wooorrrlllllddddddd, always paired with a starbucks and oversized rings; plenty of this please?

And I'll leave you with this.

Oh HEYYYYY, its me! I look like a raga-muffin with my homemade scrap-bands but hey, i've been told they look good.

Love K