Nail cheat!

Hola bon bons!!
I just had to post this since I have the time plus I can't believe the bargin I bagged!!

This weekend I went out to celebrate my friend's 18th. I ordered some nail polis off the internet but it still hasn't arrive although it was supposed to on Friday!! So since I have no lavander nail polish I was panicing, what would go with my shoes and eyeshadow now?

Quick thinking sent me to the pharmacy but there was no luck for me there so as my last chance I went... to bodycare -_-.

I alway feel so ridiculous in there. The make up is really, erm 'child friendly' and well to be honest it's naff! However I had a pleasant surprise!

These nails you see at the top are glue on 'Urban Rebel' falsies. Since I couldn't find the shade of polish I had been wanting I picked these up as a quirky alternative and hoped for the best! All night I was getting asked where I got my nails done and had to confess, 1.99 Bodycare!

The glue actually lasted quite well but I would suggest to be on the save side and use some quality stuff.

One of the best bargins of this year I think!
You should try them out!

Love J.