Pressing Flowers

For my A level art and textiles, I thought it would be lovely to add some pressed flowers but it took way to long to do. Usually, I would put all the flowers on separate pages of a book then put it on my book self, but this took about 2 weeks and sometimes they were not even fully pressed.
Thankfully, my friend told me a secret; microwave them.
At first I was a bit confused so I 'googled'.
All you need to do is put some paper towels down on your microwave plate, put a piece of blotting paper on top, following with the flowers, then another piece of blotting paper, then more paper towels. Finally, put a plate on top and microwave for 3/4 minutes- depending on the size of the flower and how moist it is.

I was intrigued.

Last night, I tried it and ....
IT WORKS!!!!!!!!!!!

beautifully pressed flowers only taking me 5 minutes.

go try it Bon-Bons

Love K