Oh Comely

I am an ELLE girl, always have been.
But recently, I have grown disappointed in their constant flow of adverts, average photo shoots and barely any writing (and when there is, its all about sex or things irrelevant to fashion.) I have been searching for a new subscription to purchase and finally made my decision on Friday.
The week before, after I got a perm, I went to WHSmiths to buy the latest copy of LOVE, and found a cute little magazine on the shelf; Oh Comely.
I initially bought it because of the article about ex-best-friends, as I recently fell out with my best friend of 6 years about such trivial s**t- excuse the french. Anyway, I got to reading it and just adored all the little cutesy sketches, writings and pictures... and finally, a magazine with WORDS!!
So, on the Friday, AKA payday, I went online and purchased issue 1, and a subscription to the magazine, which came yesterday; hand written label and stamps attached all over the plastic packaging- I was in love.

My new favorite magazine...
I am now an Oh Comely girl.
Visit their website: www.Ohcomely.co.uk

Love K