Urband Decay BOS III UD hearts NYC; Good news and bad!!

Ta da!
(Please excuse the no make up and rained on hair!!)

Check out what greeted me after work!
Ryan's dad went to pick it up from the post office for me bless. Since I have just had my last day at my internship, probably the most awesome place I will ever have worked at in my life! I needed cheering up, and the backdrop of rainy, grey Manchester was not helping my mood!!

The good news is; it's arrived!
It is here in all it's glory!!

The bad news is...
Tonight I am being pulled away to go camping in Wigan =| so you will be waiting until Sunday night at the earliest for the review.

I'm sorry bon bons! I hate to be a let down and genuinely do feel awful I hope you won't be to annoyed at me =[!!

One good point of this though is that I can try and get some material on maybe how to stay a bit glam whilst camping? For all you festival hopping bon bons out there!! Plusssss K is back in town, so you will have all her awesome articles to catch up on!!

P.S If any of you want to check out the Financial Times this weekend, I have an article in there =]!

Love J.