Urban Decay Hearts NYC New box of shadows!!!!

Omg guys. Seriously!
If you are following me on twitter your dash would have just got spammed. I am so so so excited. I'm sure you know by now that I am a complete Urban Decay junkie. Last night Urban Decay were sending out some sneeky cryptic tweets to hint towards this new masterpiece but unfortunatly I missed the direct unveiling since I was in bed sending out some Zzzzzz's. In all fairness though they did release details in a different time zone!!

Thanks to the awesome Tumblr of Tastelikeglitter I caught the buzz this morning. She also confirmed for me that this little treasure will be coming to the U.K! I am so very surprised though that I haven't seen many other blogs and Tumblrs I follow posting about this!!

I love the box of shadows released by Urban Decay. I have the BOS 2 and the Alice in Wonderland. I'm sure that this will keep up the great tradition ;)! Just like the previous BOS the box contains a small bottle of primer potion, 2 eyeliners and 16 eyeshadows. Since there has been a lack of details due to it being early days and the photo not showing a close up of the eyeshadows there is no news on the shadows that will be included in the box. However the last BOS [BOS 2] did have exclusive in so I am guessing this one will too!!

Oh Urban Decay how I love thee!
I hope you bon bons are impressed! Are you guys as excited as me??

Love J.