Luella Magazine

Back in January 2009, the internet was spammed with hundreds of rumors concerning a new bi-annual magazine; LUELLA! I have completely forgot about this until now when I was looking for images of the most recent Luella runway show.
I got all excited when I saw the front cover with Jordan Dunn, I know for sure that if this magazine existed, I would rant, rave and subscribe for sure.
I remember thinking: 'Oh please, oh please say this wasn't just some horrible rumor created so fashion lovers like me get all excited, and then have all our hope ripped away.'
But, I have found a quote from a spokesperson who said: "The rumors are simply not true. There is no Luella magazine. We keep telling people that it's not happening but they run with the story anyway. It just goes to show that people will believe anything that they read."
Okay spokesperson, some of us do believe what we read, and some of us got excited.
Never mind, one day I will have my own magazine and it shall be wonderful.

Love K

p.s. I still love you, Luella Bartley.