Chantelle face masks - Ginseng and Jasmine review .

For the next few few days I will be doing a daily [aslong as I can get to the computer] review of the range of Chantelle face masks I picked up a while ago. I picked them up as cheapies months back for a day in with the girls that didn't exactly go to plan so now I have them all to myself, well that is ofcourse with the exception of sharing my view with you guys!!

So there isn't exactly loads but they come in little sachets of 2 which is great for sharing, also the sachets have more than enough. I remember back when Superdrug used to do awesome face masks but there was never enough in one sachet!

Anywho today's Chantelle face mask was Ginseng and Jasmine. This didn't actually smell of anything which I though was a little disappointing since I like the smell of Jasmine. It was a non dry heat mask. As soon as my sister and I started to apply the face mask we were quite shocked at how quickly it heated up. It wasn't a bad type of heat though, not like some face masks that are so hot they give you pins and needles =|.

After keeping it on for only ten minutes I washed it off and my skin felt so soft. I generally have ok skin anyway but even now I can still notice the difference. My sister has a very different skin type from smoking and heavy make up usage but she had the same result as me and you could see that her skin had been revived.

I would definitely recommend this face mask as a quick pic me up!

Love J.