Front Cover 'Rainbow eyes' palette review.

This palette is not alot short of beautiful. I mensioned it the other day as I hesitated to buy it as I was not sure if it was tested on animals or not. Thankfully the website clearly stated it wasn't and I was free to spend my pennies =].

The basics;

- 25 shadows.
- Shadow liner wand.
- 2 Double ended brushes.
- £30.

In detail;

At first I have to admit I was slightly disappointed. The shadow line was just making clumpy thick eyeshadow slush and the colours really didn't seem so bright. I later on my train to Manchester realised that once you get passed the top layer of eyeshadow the shades really just pop, however I would suggest using a primer to give the colours an extra boost! (I used Urban Decay's Primer potion, it's my favourite.) I gave the shadow liner wand another go and it worked perfectly, however since then it has gone back to making clumps, who knows why =|?

The brushes are great. It is a shame that they are 2 the same though, it does seem a little pointless to me. 2 is always better than one though!! I found the small end of the brush really easy to apply my shadow with and it picks up lots which is always great. I wouldn't say I prefer it over my other brushes but they are still great for popping them in your bag since they are so mini.

The colours as I said are not as bright at first, maybe they have a coating or something. Some of the colours you would expect to be really vibrant just really arn't. For example 'Viola' is like a really pale version of Urban Decay's fishnet. Although this could be enhanced with a base and could really work out for people who want to wear bright colours but are a bit too afraid of standing out so much!

The packaging at first was great. I was thinking ''Oh it's called front cover and it looks like the front cover of a magazine wow'', easily impressed? Maybe. On closer inspection though you will notice that a number of the pictures are exactly the same and have just had their colours edited. I cannot express how much venom I have over make up companies when they do this. Surely this is false advertising. The colours are no where near as bright as what is stated on the packaging! Also I feel like when they do it so blatantly that they are really just taking the P! Another issue I had with the packaging was that it is really hard to get the brushes out without ragging on the bristles, not good!!

One thing I really loved about the palette was the 'make up artist included'. On the inside on the palette to the left of the eyeshadows is a lovely page of tutorials. Only 4 but they really add to the magazine feel. I though it was a great idea and the tutorials give you a great starting point if you really just bought this palette thinking 'oh pretty colours' but not having a clue what to do with them!!


Overall I think for the price you really do get your moneys worth. I have had better but I do think this is possibly in my top 10 palettes... just maybe an 8 or 9. It's still in there though! If you're into experimenting then I'd say go for it because there is an amazing range of colours to mix and match with. If you're just looking for everyday wear then I wouldn't recommend it I'm afraid.



Love J.