Friend Folio: Freya, New Talent.

'Friend Folio' is going to be a reoccuring blog post because J and I have such fantastic links to arty/ fashiony/ media-y people who really do deserve to get their work shown online.
Todays Friend is Freya Morgan, although she has already been on a 'Street Style' post, I think she has alot of fresh talent and I would like to share it with you all.

Name: Freya Morgan
Age: 17
Education: BSFC

Future Aspirations:
Freya: I would like to go to university to study either graphic design or media

Favourite Stores:
Freya: I like Topshop because of the amazing jewellery. I also like to shop in markets as it keeps my style interesting.

Style Inspiration:
Freya: I like the 60's style predominately.

Career Aspirations:
Freya: I would like to get in to freelance graphics or something media based.

Spare Time:
Freya: In my spare time, I like to do sketchbook work. I especially work on my journal.

Favourite Music:
Freya: I like the Artic Monkeys, I have seen them live, they were so good. I have also seen Biffy Clyro, Pendulum and Paulo Nutini live, I love going to live gigs for the atmosphere.

Favourite Books:
Freya: I'm currently reading 1984, its really interesting so far.

Favourite Magazines:
Freya: In my opinion, ELLE and cosmopolitan are my favourite reads.

Designer Vs. Highstreet
Freya: Personally, I prefer High-street because I find it more wearable.

Style Secret:
Freya: I shop at markets and to top off an outfit, I add lots of interesting jewellery from mainly topshop or accessorise.

Style Tips:
Freya: Be yourself!

Skinny Vs. Curvy; Size 0 Debate:
Freya: I think everyone should be happy as themselves; healthy is not size zero or being too large.

This is a sample of Freyas work which was displayed at the colleges art exhibition recently. She is also amazing at drawing and even though she doesn't care much for textiles, she is fantastic at it!!

Love K