The London Taste

The trip to London motivated me towards many many many fantastic treats; clothes, bags ... and lots of food.
My two favourite tasty treats would have to be two of the most diverse styles possible; the camden fairy cakes and the Laduree macaroons.
The fairy cakes were so fantasticly designed, I got six in total for only £4! There was the Camden Town underground sign, a bumble bee, a lady bird, an ice cream cone an even a hedgehog! Now, I had bought these as a little present for my sister, but by the time I had got home, they had gone stale- bear in mind that this was 2 days later! Such a shame!

Next, the macaroons. This trip to London had 3 main objectives, (1)see many plays - CHECK, Morte D' Arthur in Stradford, Billy Elliot and Macbeth at the Globe, (2) see Raphaels work at the V&A- CHECK, amazzzzzzzzzzzzzzing, (3) buy Laduree macaroons from Harrods- CHECK, they cost £13.40 for 8, wonderfully giftwrapped, insanely undescribable treats that I will never forget, neither cannot wait to top up! I shared the 8 with my mum and sister. This time I played it safe and got caramel, chocolate and vanilla, but next time I will go mad, get cherry (Jordan, my friend, got cherry and described the taste as 'orgasmic') green apple, and all other flavours, I will also get the much larger box, too good not too!!

Love K