What I Wore... to a gig.

On Sunday I went to see 'Florence and the Machine' play. I needed an amazing outfit that was comfertable but unique, so I went hunting. In a local charity shop called 'Scruples', I found this fantastic, tribal print blazer for 50p, would you believe it? Bang on trend, in my size, and FIFTY PENCE!!! Amazing!
I wore it with a contrasting floral print top, velvet, blood-red, super-tight skirt, home-made ripped tights and brogues (Aahh, they really can go with anything!)
I also bought a new vintage bag for the occasion, perfect size for a gig- can hold my junk but not get in the way of dancing.

The fact I met a Miss. Florence Welch after the gig, was just a bonus.

Love K.