Location Vs. Location; Armani Exchange

On of my favorite stores is 'Armani Exchange', I love the high fashion feel combined with affordable prices; genius!
I first discovered the wonderful shop in the Trafford Centre in Manchester, where a gorgeous asian girl who is originally from Hong Kong, looked after my brother Sean and I, as if we were royalty. My brother was purchasing an insane white leather jacket, and the shop assistant said, 'You look so BAD!' (as in naughty not ugly) She was a fantastic help and her compliments really made the experience personal (even though she probably was on commission.) At this point, I was interested in fashion to a huge extent, but my personal appearance kind of ... sucked! I played football for a girls team and when I went in to this shop, it motivated me towards dressing better. It was a moment that changed me.

Moving on, the next memorable experience in an Armani Exchange shop was in London. The shop was just about to close when Sean and I entered. So we expected to be quite rushed, but to our advantage, there was an amazing, extremely cool, mix-raced girl working who was a fantastic help. She advised and complimented, working so hard to find exactly what Sean needed. He ended up spending a great amount... and even bought me the best thing ever; the turquoise scarf- the one I wore every day for 6 months! Plus, the wrapping of the purchases was lovely, an added touch of care.

Finally, the last time I went in to an Armani Exchange store was in Liverpool, near the 'One Shopping Centre', which, may I add, is amazing. Sean and I were with my mother and Sister, Kirsty, and we were all looking to treat ourselves- I especially wanted a new scarf. The woman working had blonde hair and was such a b**ch, excuse my French. Everything was such a bother to her, she followed us around, huffing and puffing. Her attitude was disgusting, my mum even complained to her manager who said that they have been told by other customers about her bad attitude.
Sean still bought a few items (quite alot actually) but I was quite put off. The shop assistant just created such a bad shopping experience for me.

I haven't been in my favorite store since. But, I cannot wait to go back to the London or Manchester stores.

Love K